Jumbo Brown Japanese Coturnix Quail


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Coturnix (also called Japanese) quail are an excellent and inexpensive way to add an egg and meat production source for your family.

Young Coturnix Quail can be used for Dog Training as well!

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The quail egg is prized as a dietary and healing food.  It is recorded that Chinese medical practitioners have used quail eggs for thousands of years to remedy ailments such as rhinitis, asthma, hay fever, spasmodic cough along with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  Regular consumption of quail eggs helps fight against many diseases. 

They are a natural combatant against digestive tract disorders such as stomach ulcers. Quail eggs strengthen the immune system, promote memory health, increase brain activity and stabilize the nervous system.

They help with anemia by increasing the level of hemoglobin in the body while removing toxins and heavy metals.  The Chinese use quail eggs to help treat tuberculosis, asthma, and even diabetes.

If you are a sufferer of kidney, liver, or gallbladder stones, quail eggs can help prevent and remove these types of stones.

Children eating quail eggs are less inclined to suffer from infectious diseases than other children do.  In men, quail eggs provide the prostate gland with phosphorus, proteins, and vitamins that can be a powerful stimulant for sexual potency.  Women find that the egg improves skin color and strengthens hair.  This is why quail eggs are in facial and in hair care products.

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