Young Pullets


The breeds we are offering as 7-week-old pullets are listed below.
They will be vaccinated for Marek’s Disease.

Pick up at Loudounberry Market, Please bring a transfer crate or box.
14917 James Monroe Hwy
Leesburg, VA 20176

No Shipping Available – LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!
For questions, please text Jeff @ 703-468-2425

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Ameraucana – Add some color to your flock with this interesting breed that lays an array of colored eggs! Egg colors can include blue, green, pink, or olive drab. The birds vary in color and size, some with whiskers and others with muffs of feathers covering the ears.

Barred Rock  – An old-time farm favorite! With high egg production and large, meaty bodies, these are perfect for a dual-purpose flock.

Buff Orpington – A very attractive, old-time favorite! With a full, fluffy plumage with rich color, these birds are a popular choice of brown egg layers.

Golden Laced Wyandotte – Add some unique coloring to your flock with the Golden Laced Wyandotte. This breed has a golden color feather with black edging commonly called “lacing” that makes them so attractive. Although slower growing, they do get to be large and are a good egg layer.

Light Brahma – A fun addition to any flock due to their feathered feet! The Light Brahma is a large, stately breed that is a good brown egg layer.

Olive Egger – A cross between first-generation Cuckoo Maran males with first-generation Americana hens will fill your need. Enjoy the egg shades of olive and green the majority of the time, with a scattering of lighter shades like brown or even pink.

Pearl Star Leghorn – One of our most popular breeds for large cream-white eggs and variegated feathering. Townline’s Pearl Star Leghorns are imported from the Czech Republic and are a cross between Partridge Rocks and Sussex.

Plymouth Blue Rock – Looking for blue-hued plumage, sex-link chicks, and large light-medium brown eggs? Then the Plymouth Blue Rock is your chicken. This cross between Plymouth Barred Rocks and the Native Andalusians imported from the Czech Republic allows for smoky blue-grey plumage that can also exhibit barring patterns of darker blue hues.

Sapphire Sky – Introducing the “Sapphire Sky” chicken breed, where beauty meets bountiful eggs!  With their striking appearance and tufted crowns, these eye-catching birds will make your flock soar.  Adapted to various climates, especially warmer ones, they’ll bring a touch of celestial charm to your coop and egg-scape.

Rhode Island Red – A popular and familiar breed for many, the Rhode Island Reds are a dependable choice for brown egg layers. Their rusty red coloring makes them very attractive while their large body size makes them a great all-purpose bird for your flock!  

Silver-Laced Wyandotte – The Silver-Laced Wyandotte is an attractive, large breed that lays a nice brown egg. They have white feathers with black edging known as “lacing” and have a calm disposition. Great for an interesting look to add to your flock!  

White Leghorn – One of the most economical choices for egg production, the White Leghorn is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Their eggs are consistently large to extra large in size. The birds tend to mature very early which means egg-producing begins quickly! They are not favored as meat birds as they do not get to be large birds and can tend to be very active and flighty. They rarely go broody, which makes them well suited for uninterrupted egg-laying. Egg quality and shell strength are consistently good.  

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Ameraucana, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Plymouth Blue Rock, Rhode Island Red, Olive Eggers, Swedish Flower Hens, Wheaten Marans, Sapphire Sky, White Leghorn, Pearl Star Leghorn, Silver Laced Wyandott, Golden Laced Wyandott, Light Brahma