Red Star Pullets (May)


The Red Star/Isa Brown Pullets provide you with a great laying hen to enjoy eggs immediately.

These pullets have been Vaccinated for Marek’s Disease!

21 weeks old – Just started Laying – Fully-Beaked Red Star pullets,  

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The Red Star is a hybrid produced by a cross of a Rhode Island Red rooster with a White Rock hen. The chicks are sex-linked, meaning that you can tell from their feather color at the time of hatch which chicks are males and which ones are females. Females hatch out buff or red also depending on cross, and they feather out in one of three ways.

Red Stars are very robust and exhibit hybrid vigor. They will typically start laying at around 20 weeks of age. They are excellent hot weather and cold weather layers.

Adult hens have reddish-brown feathers with some white. Because the Red Stars are hybrids, they would typically not be used for exhibition.

Temperament: Like Barred Rocks, they are smart, friendly, and easy to handle.

Eggs: Red Stars can produce 300 or more big, light brown eggs per year. If you like to bake, or have eggs for breakfast, this is your chicken!