Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys


Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey orders are now open. Turkeys are sold for $5.79/lb and require a $35 Turkey Deposit. 

You can taste the quality of all-natural turkeys. Pre-order today, we will have a range of sizes and will do our best to accommodate all requests!

Don’t forget to order your Delicious Pie for dessert.

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Free-range, roaming around in green, non-GMO and pesticide-free pastures. No added hormones or antibiotics. Richer-tasting meat results from raising turkeys on an all-natural diet with plenty of exercise and freedom to roam. Size range from 12-24 pounds. Our rule of thumb for figuring out the size is 1 lb per person, don’t forget a little extra for leftovers. Turkeys are sold for $5.79/lb and require a $35 Turkey Deposit. Order your turkey today.

Liberty Delight Farms Turkeys are all-natural Turkey’s raised free-range, steroid, antibiotic, stimulant, and hormone-free.

What makes an all-natural fresh turkey so good? We don’t pump it with any fluids, it is freshly processed, wrapped, and delivered to your desired location within 48 hours. All of the natural juices are intact, the bird will not have been frozen providing the best flavor and tenderness possible. The turkey will include the neck, heart, and liver for your gravy. Our repeat customers love to tell their friends and family that we grow the best meats and that Thanksgiving is a highlight!


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