Kosher King Chicks (March 28th)


Available to Pick up March 28th.
Pick up at Loudounberry Market, Please bring a transfer create or box.
14917 James Monroe Hwy
Leesburg, VA 20176

No Shipping Available – LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!
For questions please text Jeff @ 703-468-2425

1-24 $2.95
25-49 $2.75
50-99 $2.50
100-499 $2.00


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Kosher King originate from heritage breeds such as the Barred Rock and Sussex. Around 80% of the Kosher Kings are barred while 20% are a mix of silver and red. The Kosher King is a cousin to the Freedom Ranger and exhibits the same growth rate, body confirmation, and personality. Our breed of Kosher Kings are excellent foragers.THE KOSHER KING LEGACY

The Kosher King originated by crossing heritage breeds like the Barred Rock and the Sussex. Because of this, you’ll notice color variations in King chickens—with 80% being black-and-white barred, and 20% a mix of silver and red.


The Kosher King chicken is cousin to the Freedom Ranger chicken, so they share many of the same qualities. These include a moderate growth rate (9-11 weeks until they reach 5-6 pounds), tender meat that is lower in saturated fat and higher in omega 3s than other faster-growing breeds, and a knack for thriving in free-range environments.