French Marans Chicks


If you are looking for beautiful Dark Egg Layers to add to your flock, you ought to consider the French Marans. We are a select breeder of the Marans; We only will set the darkest eggs. Our Black Copper Marans roosters are straight from Bev Davis and Greenfire Farms, so if you know anything about the Marans, you know these are quality birds. The hens are from Bev Davis and Wade Jeane lines. Excellent stock! Fully feathered legs. We hatch all our own Marans from our breeding stock.

Marans breeds we raise:

  • Black Copper $10.00
  • Birchen $10.00
  • Wheatens $6.00

Day old Chicks (straight run only)

Hatching Dates:
April 12th
April 26th
May 10th
May 24th

For Questions, text Jeff @ 703-468-2425

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Black Copper Chicks, Wheaten Chicks, Birchen Chicks